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The Rocky Mount Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc was established on April 4, 1947 by Soror Muriel Johnson, Eastern Regional Director. The chapter was originally established as Gamma Kappa Sigma as all chapters carried Greek names at that time. 

 The 21 charter members of  the Gamma Kappa Sigma chapter are:

Marguerite C. Armstrong

Peggy Cogdell

Elwyza Daniels

Selina L. Davenport

Nora F. Dowdy

Elaine Gardner

Edna Biggs-Graves

Orris Langley

Myrtle Lewis

Beatrice C. Maye

Hildegrade Mutts

Louise A. Penn

Carrie B. Peyton

Adele J. Rogers

Julia Sessoms

Ethelyn Spaulding

Jennie D. Taylor

Johnnye Taylor

Edythe R. Tweedy

Gladys W. White

Jessica Winslow

Rocky Mount Alumnae Chapter has served Edgecombe and Nash Counties for 75 years! We remain "Anchored In Service" and are preparing to serve our community for the next 75 years! 

Rocky Mount Alumnae currently stands at 125 members. Of those members, the following have been members for 50 years or more:

Florence Armstrong

Jeanette Belfied

Frances Davis

Ann P. Edge ΩΩ

Brenda Edge

Carolyn Edge

Fatina P. Gaston

Mary Hannon

Jessie Jones

Gertie P. Lewis

Naomi P. Locus

Katherine N. Lucas

Jessie Pash ΩΩ

Lesterine Sturdivant

Mary B. Sutton

Kay Thomas

Marilyn H. Vines

Gwendolyn Wigen

Mabel Williams ΩΩ  

ΩΩ Chapter

Rocky Mount Alumnae Past Presidents

1947-1949 Marguerite Armstrong

1949-1951 Sarah Leonard


1953-1955 Edythe Tweedy

1955-1957 Jessie Pash

1957-1959 Julia Sessoms

1959-1961 Ethel Bryant

1961-1963 Juanita Burnett

1963-1965 Alice Robertson

1965-1967 Jessie Jones

1967-1969 Evelyn Scott

1969-1971 Irma Brown

1971-1973 Edythe Tweedy

1973-1975 Naomi Locus

1975-1977 Kay Thomas

1979-1981 Mabel Williams

1981-1983 Jessie Jones

1983-1985 Brenda Edge

1985-1987 Mary B. Sutton

1987-1989 Mary B. Sutton

1989-1991 Leorita Hankerson

1991-1993 Gwendolyn Wigen

1993-1995 Rita Henning

1995-1997 Claudia M. Spencer

1997-1999 Evelyn Hart

1999-2001 Evelyn Hart

2001-2003 Lesterine Sturdivant

2003-2005 Lesterine Sturdivant

2005-2007 Penelope Vaughan

2007-2009 Ann P. Edge

2009-2011 Ann P. Edge

2011-2013 Katrina Alston Joyner

2013-2015 Katrina Alston Joyner

2015-2017 Natalie Brooks

2017-2019 Natalie Brooks

2019-2021 Barbara B. Smith

2021-present Barbara B. Smith

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