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A Great Start to 2023-2024 Youth Initiatives!

🌟 Exciting news! RMAC's 2023-2024 Youth Initiatives Activities have officially kicked off! ❤️ We're thrilled to share that in our October 2023 session, our amazing Delta Academy participants delved into the world of positive affirmations, uncovering the incredible power of positive thinking, speaking, and writing. 📝✨

Our middle school-aged girls engaged in thoughtful discussions, evaluating their own levels of self-confidence and recognizing how it can lead to self-empowerment. 🌟 It's truly inspiring to witness their growth and understanding of their own potential! 🌸

But that's not all! In the first session of Delta GEMS, our fantastic high school-aged girls focused on the essence of effective communication. 🗣️💬 They immersed themselves in activities that highlighted the art of discovering significant information about each other, both through words and nonverbal cues.

We recognize that communication is the key to building meaningful connections. 🌟 We're committed to empowering these incredible young ladies to become confident, empathetic, and skilled communicators! 🌈 Let's cheer them on as they continue their journey towards success! 💪🏾


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