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🌟 Delta Academy & Delta GEMS Journey from Social Action to Black History! 🌟

This past Saturday, February 17, our Delta Academy and Delta GEMS joint session was nothing short of extraordinary! 💫 We had the honor of hosting Mr. Jerry Spruill, Director of Edgecombe County’s Board of Elections, who imparted invaluable wisdom on the significance of Voter Registration and Voter Advocacy. 🗳️✨

In the spirit of Black History Month, our girls engaged in enriching discussions about Black history, leaving them empowered and inspired. From delving into discussions about Identity to highlighting the importance of Self-Care and Entrepreneurship, our young ladies left the session feeling empowered and equipped with knowledge. 💪🏾💼

To wrap up the session, we had a dynamic panel discussion featuring brilliant young ladies who shared invaluable insights from their college journeys. 🎓 Their stories served as a beacon of inspiration for all in attendance.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this session a true success! Let’s continue to empower and uplift one another. ✊🏾


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