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Diversity and Cultures

🌍🎉 Join us in celebrating diversity and cultures at Delta Academy! 🌍🎉

In our November 2023 session, we embarked on an incredible journey with RMAC’s International Awareness & Involvement Committee. Together, we explored the rich tapestry of global experiences outside the United States, aiming to broaden our perspectives.

Kemmesha Hines, a member of RMAC, captivated us all by sharing her inspiring study abroad experience in Barcelona, Spain. Her story left us in awe and motivated us to embrace the world with open arms.

We were honored to have Joanne Saget, owner of Kafe Louverture in Downtown Rocky Mount, NC, as our special guest. Joanne shared her unique journey from growing up in Haiti to embracing life in the United States. Her insights gave us a firsthand look at the beauty of cultural diversity.

To top it all off, we indulged in mouthwatering Haitian cuisines and refreshing lemonade from Kafe Louverture. It was a feast for the senses, and we enjoyed building connections and fellowship over these delightful flavors.

At Delta Academy, we believe that embracing diversity and cultures is a vital part of our growth and understanding. Join us in celebrating the beauty and richness of our global community! 🌎✨


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