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Rocky Mount Alumnae Chapter

Winners of the 2017-2018 Prestigious Awards were announced at the 53rd National Convention held in Las Vegas. Soror Christine D. Horne, Delta Dear of the Year and Soror Tia LUcas, the Small Business Plan winner are both members of the Rocky Mount Alumnae Chapter.

Soror Horne, as Risk Management Coordinator, excelled in providing education and laying the groundwork needed for success of our sorority's youth programs. Under her leadership, the Delta Gems placed 3rd for their educational initiatives during the 2014 Regional Conference and 1st at the sisterhood luncheon during the 52nd National Convention. She also served at the forefront of the Social Action Committee.

Soror Lucas won the Small Business Plan Award, where the primary aim is to assist rising entrepreneurs financially and connect them to resources that will aid in developing viable business plans. She will continue her work to open doors for other entrepreneurial women.

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