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Career and College Readiness

🎓💼 Delta GEMS: Empowering young ladies for career and college readiness! 🎓💼

Our incredible day of growth was filled with spirited discussions, friendly term competitions, and hands-on activities. Each moment aimed at shaping promising futures for our young ladies.

Career interest inventories, Reality Check games, and in-depth looks at college choices were just a few highlights of the day. We emphasized the power of Career and College Promise (Dual Enrollment), urging our young ladies to seize the chance for college courses as juniors and seniors.

But it wasn’t all serious business! The participants added a touch of fun by donning paraphernalia showcasing their favorite colleges or universities. It was a vibrant celebration of aspirations and dreams!

At Delta GEMS, we believe in empowering young women to embrace their potential and strive for success in their chosen careers and higher education. Together, we are shaping a bright future! 🌟 🙌🏾


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